The Dermapen 3 TM has a 12-needle head, stronger and more robust, with an engine capable of working more quietly, and reaching 110 revolutions per second. The depth of penetration is fully adjustable between 0 and 2.5 mm to adapt to any region of the face or body. The superior AOVN TM technology of the Dermapen 3TM allows smooth operation with less drag and provides optimal results.

These results are also given thanks to Dermaceutical and Cover Recover, two inseparable companions of Dermapen 3 that perfectly complement the work done.


The Dermapen ™ consists of two parts, the first being the equipment, properly speaking, which is connected to the network to provide it with energy and a second one formed by a disposable shaped head. This head contains 12 microscopic needles.

Once the head is engaged by a turn and a click on the equipment, your Dermapen ™ is ready for action.

The internal engine of the Dermapen ™ is powered by the revolutionary AOVN ™ technology allowing the needles that make up the head to oscillate at a speed of about 110 revolutions per second.

When the tip of the needle comes into contact with the skin, the needles create small punctures on the surface of the skin, causing micro-traumas, the induction of an immune response and subsequently, the creation of new healthy collagen.

The punctures also act as micro-channels that transport deeply into the skin layers topical nutrients used during treatment for greater effect Because the needles oscillate as fast as they do, the tip of the Dermapen ™ slides easily through the skin, not being able to cause a dermal tear.

Dermapen 3 heads.

Developed and patented by Equipmed, formed by 12 microneedles, capable of developing a maximum of 1300 micro channels per second. It is supplied in boxes of 30 units, totally sterilized.


Dermaceuticals is the new skin care line designed specifically
to be used in combination with Dermapen treatments
and to improve the results of it.

Tri-Phase Cleanser™

A revolutionary facial cleanser that transforms from a balm to a gel when
massaged into the skin, then converts into a milk when water is added. Protects the
skin’s moisture whilst gently removing makeup and environmental impurities.

Disposal: 120ml


First product developed for DERMAPEN ™ and main compound in all protocols. HylaActive ™ is a superior compound of hyaluronic acid with HylaFuse ™, Vitamin B5 and zinc. Its gelatinous consistency makes it a perfect medium for use during DERMAPEN ™ treatments.

Disposal: 30ml


Topical multifunctional serum that deals with skin imperfections, including pigmentation, especially as a result of sun exposure and age. Britelite ™ helps to illuminate and even out skin tone, decrease the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and discoloration, and acts as an inhibitor of melanin and in pre / post rejuvenation procedures. It contains kojic acid, licorice, argirilene, syn-coll , squalene and the Hylafuse ™ complex

Disposal: 30ml

Vitamin Rich Repair™

Corrective cream specially formulated to help boost the results of DERMAPEN ™ treatment. It contains the copper peptides, as well as retinol, Vitamin A to stimulate the production of collagen, Vitamin E for healing, aloe vera, resveratrol, squalene and Hylafuse ™ to hydrate the skin.

Disposal: 30ml

Retinal Active™

An intense infusion of Vitamin A, this powerful combination of ingredients,
includes repair and rejuvenation properties and anti-aging anti-oxidants.

Disposal: 50ml

3D MicroDerm Exfoliant™

It offers a perfect way to prepare the skin prior to a Dermapen ™ treatment. Soft and effective, it helps to nourish the skin before rejuvenation procedures. Contains bamboo extract, which gently removes toxins from the surface, grape seed extract, cucumber extract, magician’s butter and aloe vera, which helps accelerate cell renewal and heal the skin, as well as the HylaFuse ™ complex.

Disposal: 150ml

Antioxidant Coctail™

Topical protection serum to fight the signs of aging by protecting the skin against free radicals. Accelerates cell renewal, improving the tone, texture, firmness and shine of the skin. Contains Vitamin C, Rooibos, Niakimide and the Hylafuse ™ complex

Disposal: 30ml.

3D Sculptured Mask™

Contour adjustment mask, indicated for after skin puncture, dermabrasion, chemical peel, IPL, laser and radiofrequency. It offers intense hydration and support stress recovery, irritated skin, as it is nourishing, soothing and contains active ingredients such as copper peptides, Vitamin B5, zinc and the Hylafuse ™ complex

Disposal: 5 units box


COVER RECOVER ™ is the quintessential solution to minimize downtime for your patients, and provides comfortable and hassle-free coverage immediately after Dermapen ™ or other rejuvenation application procedures such as microdermabrasion, peelings, IPL, laser and injectable cosmetics.

Non-chemical solar protection of factor 30.

COVER RECOVER ™ is available in the following colors.


Developed for use with the Dermapen ™ 3 head, Dermapen TattOff ™ provides precise tattoo removal and targeted skin rejuvenation. The system offers non-laser and non-thermolitic technology that eliminates all tattoo inks, located anywhere on the body.
A specially formulated lactic acid compound infuses gently to the depth of the deposits of unwanted ink. The subsequent micro trauma generates a regenerative response that forms a scab that physically extracts the pigment from the tattoo. Once the crust falls, so does the unwanted color.

Patient care and safety are improved by a patented grid technique. This patented process reduces the risk of toxicity, postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypertrophic scars associated with other extraction methods. Suitable for the permanent removal of professionally applied cosmetic tattoos.