The hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, active ingredient) of DeneB is a glucosamine consisting of disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine.
Treatment with DENEB® Classic-H / S is a non-surgical procedure. It is performed as an external patient and under local anesthesia. The result is visible immediately. After treatment, the patient can start working normally, or engage in their leisure activities. DENEB® Classic-H / S is implanted by means of an easy procedure and causes little or no bruising.
The effect achieved with DENEB® Classic-H / S lasts several months but depends on the type of skin and external factors performed. In many cases, an annual follow-up after the first treatment is sufficient. Market researches and surveys have shown that a large number of people would like to make small changes to their body and would like to adjust the shape of their body, in a natural and non-permanent way that does not require the use of implants, body fat or stem cells in a major surgery.
Muchos de ellos también se rehúsan a someterse a una anestesia general o a quedar con una cicatriz. DENEB® Classic-H/S presenta una oportunidad natural sin el uso de implantes, inyecciones autologas de grasa o procedimientos quirúrgicos. El ácido hialuronico es un componente natural de la piel humana que juega un papel importante en la salud. No se deriva de animales, no existe el riesgo de reacciones alérgicas usuales o transferencia de enfermedades.

Marketed in 2 formats:

Con DENEB® Classic-H/S, el procedimiento es corto y solo requiere de anestesia local que evita los riesgos de una anestesia completa. El tratamiento no es permanente y a diferencia de los procedimientos permanentes (no reversibles) estos procedimientos ofrecen la posibilidad de adaptar la forma natural de la piel y el cuerpo. Liga la humectación perfectamente y al mismo tiempo estimula la regeneración del colágeno. Esto dota a la piel de una nueva elasticidad y crea una apariencia más fresca.

That’s why hyaluronic acid fillers like DENEB® Classic-H / S provide a great opportunity to restore tissue volume. To minimize adverse events and side effects, the product should only be used within its indications, for example: body contour fillings should not be used in facial regions.

Our intradermal fillers should only be applied if the area to be treated does not show inflammation. An extended anamnesis is as solid as the basis of a successful treatment, as the application by an experienced professional.

The treated area should not be exposed to intense heat or extreme cold, or constant pressure, for a few weeks, until the initial swelling has faded. The injection should be done by doctors with knowledge and experience in fat transplants and similar treatments. Only correct 100% of the desired volume effect.